Cynthia Molinaro

Obituary of Cynthia Leigh Molinaro

Cynthia "Cindy" Molinaro February 10, 1960 - January 13, 2024 Cindy, beloved by all who knew her, peacefully passed away on January 13, 2024, surrounded by the people she loved most. She was 63 years old. Cindy's life was a testament to her warm and loving nature. Born on February 10, 1960, she spread happiness and laughter wherever she went during her 63 remarkable years. Cindy is survived by her loving family, who were the heart and soul of her life. They were the source of her greatest joy, and through them, her legacy lives on. Knowing who they were to her will tell you all you need to know about who she was. Cindy is survived by her three sisters, Lisa, Lorrie, and Kim. The strength of these four women together was nothing short of amazing. They formed an unbreakable bond that could move mountains, overcome any obstacles life threw at them, and did so with a vigor that could put any army to shame. Whatever heartache they endured, it was always as a family, and they faced it together, hand in hand. Their unity was a testament to the power of sisterhood and the unwavering support they offered each other. Their unique blend of strength and humor was a source of joy for all who knew them. Even during the toughest moments, they managed to find humor, sharing laughter that lightened the heaviest of burdens. It was a bond that was inseparable and enduring, and they could face any challenge with the knowledge that they had each other's backs. Their sisterly love was so profound that even during life's battles, they could make each other laugh so hard that they'd forget their worries, and occasionally led to someone peeing their pants from laughter. This special bond of love, laughter, and resilience defined their relationship and made them an extraordinary force to be reckoned with. Cindy’s sisters, Lisa, Lorrie, and Kim will continue to honor her memory and carry forward the remarkable legacy of sisterhood and strength that she leaves behind. Her brothers-in-law, Victor and Joe. These men were truly the brothers she was meant to have. Cindy's love for them was as deep as the bond of blood. She cherished Victor and Joe, and they reciprocated that love in full measure. In her heart, she never considered them anything less than her own family. Cindy's relationship with Victor and Joe was something truly special. She loved them collectively as family, and individually for the unique and treasured relationships she shared with each of them. They held a special place in her heart, and they knew it. Among all the things she shared with these men, what she loved most about them was their unwavering support and love for her sisters. They are the pillars of strength who stand by her sisters in life's journey, protecting and safeguarding the entire family as one unit. In times of challenge and adversity, they are the strong and dependable support system that Cindy and her sisters could always count on. Cindy's gratitude for Victor and Joe extended beyond words. They were more than brothers-in-law; they were brothers by choice and love, and she loved them very much. Her nieces and nephews, Angelina, Lorrie, Victoria, Dominic, Maison, and Asher. The bond she shared with them was a source of immense joy and laughter that's difficult to fully capture. These young souls were not just part of the family; they were the key to keeping Cindy forever young at heart. She took pride in witnessing their growth into the remarkable young adults they continue to become. Cindy had a unique and cherished relationship with each of her nieces and nephews. Collectively, they brought an unparalleled joy to her life, one that she held dear and close to her heart. Her love for them was immeasurable, and they reciprocated that love in kind. Every one of her nieces and nephews has a treasure trove of special memories with their Aunt Cindy, stories that instantly bring smiles, laughter, and appreciation for the role she played in their lives. Whether it was a witty joke or a funny face, Cindy had a remarkable knack for making them laugh. It was a part of who she was, and her humor and love for them left an indelible mark on their hearts. As they remember their Aunt Cindy, they will always carry with them those special moments, her laughter, and the love she showered upon them. Her impact on their lives is a legacy of happiness and humor that will be cherished for generations to come. Her grandson Luca Donato. For the minimal relationship she was able to have with him, given the distance between them in different states, she certainly made up for it by spoiling her grandson with whatever he wanted. From an iPad to toys, video games, and even soccer jerseys of his favorite player Messi, all Luca had to do was text grandma, and you could be sure there was an Amazon box at the house that week. Even though she was only able to be a part of his life for 8 short years, her presence was a source of joy and generosity for Luca. Her love knew no bounds, and she made every effort to make Luca's life brighter from afar. Whether it was through special deliveries or heartfelt messages, her love for her grandson was undeniable. Luca will forever remember the love and kindness she showered upon him as well, and her memory will continue to bring warmth to his heart. Despite the physical distance, the bond they shared was filled with love and cherished moments, creating a special connection that transcended miles. Her son Nicholas. As I am the one writing this, I will simply say that there is no question that my mother and I had our ups and downs, and if I'm being honest, most of those downs were probably caused by me. However, there is not a person in the world who loved me more or with whom I shared more laughter. As a single parent, our relationship was not traditional by any sense, but it was uniquely ours. It was a special bond that only a mother and son could share. My mother never wavered in her love for me and picked me up more times than I can count. I will forever be thankful for what this extraordinary woman did for me. She gave me life, she gave me love, and she gave me a sense of humor that allowed me to laugh at anything I came across in this world. No matter how mad she may have been at me at times, I always knew there was a place I could go to share a laugh. Our relationship was filled with love, laughter, and an unbreakable bond that transcended any challenges we faced. My mother's enduring love and unwavering support were constants in my life, and I will carry her memory with me always. She truly was one of a kind and I’m so thankful to have called her my mom. In addition to her immediate family, Cindy also cherished her extended family and friends as well. The bonds she forged with her extended family and friends were a testament to her warm and inclusive nature, and they will continue to be a source of strength and support for each other in her absence. Cindy's love and spirit will forever unite her extended family, and they will carry her memory forward with love and gratitude. Cindy is now reunited with her parents, Anthony and Barbara Molinaro, as well as other family members who have eagerly awaited her arrival. As a united family, we hold onto the hope of the day when we will all once again be together with Cindy, sharing in her warmth and love.
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